Data I/O Demonstrates LumenX: Revolutionary Programming Technology with Unparallel Performance

By CIOReview | Monday, November 9, 2015

REDMOND, WA: Advanced programming and IP management solutions provider, Data I/O will be displaying the new LumenX programming technology at Productronica International Trade Fair. The Lumenx programming platform is a revolutionary programming solution delivering ultra-fast performance to solution.

The technology is optimized to support all latest generation of eMMC devices as well as large volume files. It delivers highest level of performance managed and secured programming with a curtailed total cost per part. The platform is currently available with PSV7000 automated system and manual configurations.

The prototype model yields programming and downloading speed up to 80 mbps and 25 mbps respectively, which can be considered as 5x quicker than its contemporary programming and duplicating technology. LumenX Data Management Software Suite is able to terminate security risks connected with duplication process and maintains data uniformity from creation to the production stage. It combines Traceable Software Applications with fiber laser marking 3D co-planarity technology to meet the requirements for automotive electronics applications.

The robust design features 8 sockets per programmer with up to 14 LumenX programmers in the PSV7000 for providing highest programming value. It lays support for parallel deployment of FlashCORE III and LumenX programmers. PSV7000 clients can safeguard their investment, with the scope to later upgrade their systems to add LumenX programmers alongside the present technology.

The fusion of ultra fast read/write, downloading speeds, high socket compatibility, and fast data throughput adds to the merit of LumenX programmers. It extends compatibility with heterogeneous variety of device types, including FPGAs, CPLDs, Microcontrollers and flash memories with tape and tray configurations up to 6 programmers (24 individual sockets) in a compact footprint.