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Data Management Strategies for IoT digital Marketing

By CIOReview | Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Data management is always a vital issue for enterprises. With the advent of IoT in digital space, the data flow has increased considerably. IoT devices have been responsible for the production of the massive amount of personalized data, which has made data management a critical issue for organizations. IoT data has helped the brands to understand their customers on a more personal level. Brands have leveraged the IoT data to provide customized and efficient services based on a customer’s interests.

Customers want the brands to understand their preferences and provide services based on their requirements. Marketers tap into a customer’s IoT data to provide timely, contextually relevant and tailored services. Old methods of advertisements have become outdated, as they have no relevance to a customer’s requirement. IoT devices collect all types of data like geolocation, temperature, heart rate, and many other personalized data. These data help the marketers to gain insights into a customer’s requirements. Although a consumer wants the enterprises to understand his preferences, brands have to draw the boundary in the ways that they collect the data. Companies should strive to improve their services without affecting a customer’s privacy.

Transparency in collection methods can ensure that a customer’s privacy has not been breached. It can help the brands to improve their services without intruding into their customer’s private life. Informed consent can also go a long way in making the data collection process a lot more transparent, as customers will be aware of the types of data that companies have.

The most significant advantage of IoT is its ability to provide a two-way communication between organizations and their customers. Brands use IoT data as feedback to improve their services without disturbing their consumers. User-generated content has been possible because of the IoT data. IoT data has helped the customers to have control over the type of service and experiences that they want.

According to ZDNet, the amount of IoT devices is expected to reach 20 billion by the end of 2020. The amount of data that these devices will produce can enable the companies to provide more customer-centric services. This will also push the brands to keep innovating new ways to manage the data without intruding into their customer’s personal space.

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