Data443 Risk Mitigation Launches Data443 Ransomware Recovery Manager
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Data443 Risk Mitigation Launches Data443 Ransomware Recovery Manager

By CIOReview | Friday, April 9, 2021

Data443 Risk Mitigation announced the release of Data443 Ransomware Recovery Manager, a new privacy-centric endpoint technology.

FREMONT, CA: Data443 Risk Mitigation, Inc., a prominent data security and privacy software provider, is delighted to announce that Data443 Ransomware Recovery Manager, its new privacy-centric endpoint technology, is now accessible.

“The functionality of Data443 Ransomware Recovery Manager is a direct response to the escalating ransomware attacks experienced around the world on a daily basis,” said Jason Remillard, Founder and CEO of Data443. “These attacks affect millions of organizations of all sizes and across all sectors - with a high number of attacks primarily targeting three sectors: financial services, healthcare and education.”

Not only has the incident rate escalated, but infection rates, prices, and actual damages have also risen at a faster rate every year. A ransomware or virus attack is no longer a question of whether but when it will strike a business. The Data443 Ransomware Recovery Manager solution was developed for the modern enterprise with this attack infrastructure in mind. Its abilities are built to restore a workstation to the last known business-operable state immediately after infection, with no involvement from the end-user or IT Administrator.

“Data security continues to be a growing concern for all stakeholders, and having a capability at hand to protect, respond and be back in full operations within minutes is a true differentiator for Data443 and our unique product stack. With the integrated power of Data Identification Manager and Data Archive Manager, we are able to ensure sensitive data is both archived and restored if there is any infection, and with virtually zero down time. Augmented with Data Classification and Data Governance capabilities within the larger Data443 product family, Ransomware Recovery Manager possesses unique capabilities unmatched in this market segment.” “This new capability demonstrates our commitment to always deliver sophisticated and timely solutions purposefully designed to produce strong ROI for our customers. Data security, protection and recovery are some of the industries greatest challenges, and we are proud to be at the vanguard of combating ransomware attacks, which has already cost US companies billions of dollars,” concluded Mr. Remillard.