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DataArt collaborates with Bematech to Leverage its Point-of-Sale Technology

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 16, 2016

NEW YORK, NY: Technology consulting firm, DataArt, joined forces with Bematech, one of the market leaders in Point-of-Sale technologies. As a result of the collaboration, the firm has come up with a stand-alone, subscription-based cloud infrastructure that helps retailers to manage their business without investing in a proprietary IT system.

“It’s always a privilege to work with clients who seek to push the boundaries of what’s possible. Bematech is the industry’s household name in Latin and North America, and we’re grateful for the trust they have put in DataArt to bring their already excellent systems to the next level.” said Alexei Miller, Managing Director at DataArt.

With Bematech commanding a majority of the market share for restaurant receipt printers in Brazil and a significant share of the U.S. market for kitchen display systems including multiple top 500 QSR restaurant chains, the collaboration is slated to bring about a change in the industry. An approachable IT infrastructure provided through any Bematech Android All-in-One terminal or customer preferred Android mobile device will streamroll the on-boarding process for businesses.

The new Point-of-Sale platform, Bemacash, by Bematech facilitates users to manage their inventory and include functionalities in various areas such as shift tracking, employee rosters, cash drawer, order registration, inventory management and reward system. Also, Bemacash abridge the check-out process and offers a wide range of payment methods. The platform also incorporates with the Bematech fiscal manager system in Brazil which helps companies to meet compliance demands. Whereas, Bematech fiscal manager system is used to track taxes and make those tax reports available to local government.

By uplifting the IT infrastructure internally, Bemacash reduces the cost of building the required IT infrastructure. As a result, the platform becomes user-friendly and with remote data access one can automate the business to modernize processes of the business. Bemacash leverage business activities by enabling them to provide proficient solutions as per the needs of customers.

“DataArt exceeded our expectations on this project bringing specific Android expertise which significantly helped successfully execute the project within a tight deadline. This, in combination with cloud based infrastructure and development methodologies made the difference in achieving an outstanding outcome,” said Fabio Romano, Software Development Manager at Bematech.