DataArt Enhances SimShare to Boost to Sharpen the Skills of Healthcare Workforce

By CIOReview | Friday, July 17, 2015

NEW YORK: SimShare is an internet-based platform providing tools and medical content for simulation instructors and trainees in healthcare institutions. The platform addresses the challenges faced in clinical simulation such as resources being fragmented and isolated with regard to professional discipline, specialty and target experience levels.

The latest enhancements to the responsive designed customizable SimShare platform includes scalability offering large number of institutions work to individually or collaborate on projects across globe, multi-tenancy application facilitates organizations with its own private and unique workspace. Automation and streamlining of unwieldy tasks, connectivity between experts with content sharing technology and simulation equipment reviews are the additional features.

“When we built SimShare, it was with the idea of removing the information silos within healthcare facilities through an interdisciplinary platform that provides pragmatic work tools for the individual yet simultaneously connects the simulation community at a granular level,” said Dr. Brian Gillett, Founder, SimShare. “By working with DataArt, we’ve been able to realize our vision, and now deliver on our promise to improve healthcare delivery and clinical outcomes through simulation-based training.”