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Databiology Selects Aspera to Make Data Transfer Faster

By CIOReview | Monday, May 5, 2014

ARMONK, NY: The IBM Company Aspera, provider of software that moves the world's data at maximum speed, has announced the selection of its cloud platform by global life sciences software company, Databiology to accelerate its scientific research projects by moving large data sets quickly across cloud.

 Transferring of data in clinical environments need to be fast and secured as patients’ health rely on this collected information. With Aspera's Application Platform on Demand, Databiology will benefit from the reliable, high-speed transfer of data sets to and from its Software as a Service (SaaS) platform – Databiology for Enterprise (DBE) thus reducing the dependence on slow and costly hard drives.

John Wastcoat, Vice President of business development at Aspera says, "The combination of Databiology's cloud-based information management platform and Aspera's cloud-based high-speed secured transfer technology delivers the ideal platform for managing the entire life sciences information lifecycle across teams, business units and geographies."

Databiology's DBE platform takes care of life science projects in various fields let it be molecular research, genomics, proteomics or any other branch of biology. The platform supports the full lifecycle of research projects from data acquisition to curation through analysis, retrieval and integration. DBE also provides maximum flexibility over all research information and activities.

Aspera offers predictable and reliable transfer times, avoiding unexpected delays and transfer failures associated with traditional network protocols. This inturn enables researchers to enjoy more smooth workflows between both internal user groups and third party research partners.