Datablink 200 Mobile App Nips Payment Card Abuse in the Bud

By CIOReview | Monday, April 27, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Datablink ensures with its latest app that your money is not let on its own for even a blink of an eye. Its latest Datablink 200 mobile app stands guard against any attempts for illegitimate transaction.

Banks and its customers face significant difficulties in dealing with any fraudulent transactions that are transpiring over a growing number of financial transaction platforms. To deal with these threats, Datablink introduces its latest app that leverages smartphone to verify every transaction so that the card holder doesn’t have to face the loss.

Every time a transaction is under processing, the app prompts the cardholder validate the transaction on their smartphones thus quelling the chances for any delinquent transaction pertaining to retail purchases, online shopping or ATM use. It enables customers to use their smartphones to create a secure connection with the back end of a financial institution and confirm their identities and transactions.

Impressed with this functionality, Policard, an electronic payments provider in Brazil, has selected Datablink Mobile 200 app to secure the financial transactions for its customers.

“Policard seeks to continually enhance the value and experience as well as the security for our customers,” said Luciano Mathia Penha, vice president at Policard. “Our selection of Datablink’s mobile app for advanced authentication and transaction security is yet the latest example of our commitment to use the most innovative technologies to improve and differentiate our services that offer convenience as well as peace of mind.”

“Datablink is pleased to name Policard as one of its latest customers to choose Datablink Mobile 200 – a security solution that harnesses both the simplicity of using your own smartphone and the power of Datablink’s unique authentication and transaction signing capabilities,” said Shlomi Yanai, President and CEO at Datablink. “Policard and its thousands of users will be further empowered to help maintain their security and easily approve access and transactions – fighting off cyber thieves in a way that truly prevents fraud.”