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Dataiku Launches DSS 3 for Advanced Data Metrics Monitoring

By CIOReview | Monday, April 4, 2016

NEW YORK CITY, NY:  With the vision of transforming raw data into business, impacting predictions and products—Dataiku is moving ahead in the Data Science movement with the Data Science Studio (DSS), an intuitive solution that enables data professionals to harness the power of big data. In an effort to keep DSS compatible with most updated big data, machine technologies, and multiple languages, Dataiku is bringing about revolutionary change for big data teams. The new launch of the DSS 3 introduces the first kind of an integrated visual environment for the design and production of data science applications. It includes a production node feature that solves the problem of development environments, being disconnected or incompatible with production environments.

Users can seamlessly deploy, test, and drill down to multiple instances of their data applications in all cycles of the data engineering process, from development to deployment. This enables the data team to independently, build, run, design and constantly improve their data products even while in production.

Similar to DevOps, Dataiku DSS 3 provides features that are beneficial to “DataOps.”, which is an emerging profile in data-driven organizations. The new DataOps features in DSS 3 now enable real time model deployment, advanced data metrics monitoring, data flow reconstruction system with enterprise integration scenarios and resource usage monitoring. Additionally, the new features simplify the collaboration and documentation of data projects including version control, team activity dashboards, user defined data types, metadata management, and data discovery.