Datanyze: Fresh Brewed Data!

By CIOReview | Wednesday, February 5, 2014

California: Datanyze, a San Mateo based startup founded in 2012 with no funding or venture capital is making big bucks and growing at 25 percent a month. The company offers the most accurate data to its clients and the best thing about it is that the data is updated every day unlike the data offered by its counterparts. It is also reported that the company is tempting key employees from other startups as well to join aboard.

The company offers the most relevant and latest data while being touted as the “Google for Sales and Marketing”. The company’s customized spider technology checks millions of the highest ranking websites to identify which web technologies are used, which is different from how Google, Yahoo or any other search engine searches for data.

The company’s web crawlers search websites for clues and hints about what software each and every company is using. With cloud computing, there are few things which are private and most of the information is openly available. There are traces of information about companies on websites which is related to what marketing automation system was used by a particular company, or the CRM that is adopted, or the e-commerce engine that is installed, or what systems have been bought and what solutions are used. The clues could be bits of code, pieces of Javascript or even HTML (CSS) markup.

What makes Datanyze different from its competitors like HG Data and Salesify, is that its data is updated every single day, thereby giving sales reps of companies superpowers as they have the latest data on hand. Datanyze checks millions of websites for information and provides only that what is needed.

”Because we do this on a daily basis, we can see when people start a software trial. So we can tell their competitors, and they can call those companies, and the sales rep can say: “I see you’re checking out our competitor’s solution right now…why don’t you try ours as well?””, stated Ilya Semin, Datanyze CEO, in an interview to John Koetsier, editor at Venturebeat.

The company says that the data provided by them is absolutely legal as the crawlers only search for information that is available publicly and will never search for anything that is private.

In the traditional business data world it is virtually impossible to update data everyday and at times the data that is available is old and maybe even outdated; but as the data offered by Datanyze is like freshly brewed coffee, the company is in good stead against its competitors.  

Enterprise customers can use the Salesforce integration or even use Datanyze API to access the data right from their systems.

“We’re really starting to grow. By the end of this month we will increase our total revenue by 25 percent just over one month” Datanyze cofounder Ben Sardella, who was recently running sales and customer success at KISSmetrics.

As the company is growing, so are the options, categories and filtering of data that will be available so that the customers get richer, accurate and better data.

The industry for sales and marketing data is growing rapidly; Datanyze has gotten on to a good start, ahead of its competitors.