DataParser from 17a-4 Regulates Data Sources for InvestEdge

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 4, 2015

FREMONT, CA: 17a-4, a provider of compliance services Software Company has released the latest module of DataParser software to support InvestEdge, a web-based software managing company.  InvestEdge clients can now use DataParser to leverage new technologies while still complying with appropriate regulations imposed by the SEC, FINRA and CFTC authorities.

17a-4 architecture provides for a single point in which all e-messaging content are managed for corporate data retention, indexing and accessibility whereas InvestEdge is a web based software for  secure message communications as well as managing and reporting data of daily usage.

The DataParser software used by InvestEdge has a modular design to collect many types of data streams, messaging platforms and database content. It can pull data from any number of servers confirming to institutional compliance policies. In addition to InvestEdge, DataParser can collect and control data from Bloomberg, Cisco, Jabber, SharePoint, Reuters Eikon Messenger, and Skype for business supporting all major on-premise and hosted archives on the market.

The software tool can help formatting of source data and manage its ingestion into an archive creating a single compliance management, discovery and supervisory procedures. It can easily integrate into any existing infrastructure and can run multiple configurations for complex environment.

It secures sensitive message passing, where messages go directly into client’s exchange environment to a file location. It helps client strengthen in house resources and minimizes compliance cost. In support of DataParser, Microsoft has expanded policy and procedure features with recent addition of a compliance center, controlled through admin portals in Exchange and Office 365.