DataPath Eases Network Monitoring and Satellite Communication with its New Products
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DataPath Eases Network Monitoring and Satellite Communication with its New Products

By CIOReview | Thursday, September 24, 2015

ATLANTA, GA: DataPath, provider of remote field communication and information technology solutions to aerospace and government releases ‘MaxView Enterprise’, the network monitor and control software.

The software makes complex and remote network management easier and provides insight into end-to-end communications, control over multiple vendor devices and a single view of all disparate systems on the network. The customers can now securely manage their networks from virtually any web-enabled device with enhanced operational efficiency and incident response. A variety of functions are offered like overlaying and consolidating inputs from multiple software tools, devices and sensors under IP and other proprietary protocols.

The analytical capabilities of the software are delivered with substantial upgrades on reporting and customizable dashboards to provide a comprehensive view of the network. Interactive reporting feature added in this version fine-tunes the results in real-time to achieve deep knowledge on key performance indicators.

"Our investment in the next generation of this industry leading software, now called MaxView Enterprise, highlights our commitment to quality and innovation—not only in satellite communications terminals and hardware—but also in the advanced software tools that every mission critical network needs to be successful," says David Myers, President and CEO, DataPath.

Also, DataPath appends a new device to its product line of portable satellite communications terminals, ‘DataPath QCT90’; a lightweight, man-portable satellite terminal that is 90 cm in diameter and weighs only 20.6 kg. The QCT90 is available in configurations for both military and commercial markets, which is designed for single person carry and set-up.

There are different configurations available with certifications that co-exists with ‘Inmarsat GlobalXpress’ and the U.S. military's ‘Wideband Global Satellite (WGS)’ network. To offer rugged field performance, the device is built using military-grade carbon fiber and die cast magnesium. In addition to being rugged, the QCT90 is ultra-portable and easy to deploy.

The system includes an integrated antenna, modem and RF transmitter unit, which locks into custom-built folding tripod. It can be easily operated by unfolding the antenna panels and turning the power on. The terminal is enclosed by an airline checkable case or a backpack. Unlike other products in this class, the QCT90 is not a collection of off-the-shelf components, but is a tightly engineered system, designed with the end-user operating experience in mind.

“The launch of the QCT90 is the first in a series of investments DataPath is making in a renewed line of class-leading products and solutions designed exclusively for the world's most challenging communications requirements," states Myers.