Datapipe Adopts Datastax Enterprise (DSE) to Analyze Massive Real-time Data

By CIOReview | Monday, August 31, 2015

JERSEY CITY, N.J: Datapipe, a hybrid IT solutions provider teams up with DataStax, the enterprise delivering Apache Cassandra to qualify the former company to analyze real-time, large sets of data enabling the clients to focus on their businesses.

“In order to remain relevant and ensure success in today’s business environment, enterprises require a secure, always-on, managed database platform solution that can help them focus on running their business, not their database infrastructure,” says Matt Rollender, VP, Cloud Strategy, DataStax.

As Datastax Enterprise (DSE) is a distributed database platform built for performance and availability demands of web, mobile and IoT applications, DSE is being integrated with Datapipe’s Database Management service for enterprise-grade Apache Cassandra. It transforms database services from test environments to full-service deployments.

Besides designing and architecting the database solutions based on individual client needs, Datapipe acquires the ability to manage DSE on a variety of environments such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, or Datapipe’s Stratosphere Hosted Private Cloud. Datapipe also supports dedicated DSE managed service solutions for clients demanding specific performance or security requirements deployed through its data centers.

“Datapipe supports NoSQL database deployments for our clients to ensure their performance, scalability, security and availability meets enterprise level requirements,” states David Lucky, Director of Product Management, Datapipe.

Clients choose DataStax Enterprise-as-a-Managed-Service for gaining access to: the Datapipe - DSE Deployment Guide; for assisting trained database professionals who design, architect and deploy the solution from network to the database layer; DSE clusters for various platforms; and escalation support for timely problem resolution.

The partnership also extends to offer GoGrid platform, 1-Button DSE deployment option for evaluating and running test as well as scaling clusters instantly. While discussing the benefits of the partnership, Lucky explains, “We chose to partner with DataStax because its in-memory computing, powerful integrated analytics, enterprise search and automated management tools make DSE the fastest and most scalable distributed database platform for web and mobile and IoT applications.”

Datapipe’s Database Management service assures setup, management and maintenance activities for clients along with database and OS support. Users gain access to Certified Database Administrators to improve performance, optimize database design, tuning, troubleshooting services, proactive monitoring, reporting, and support for approved environments.