DataRobot Partners with Informatica for Seamless AI Integration
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DataRobot Partners with Informatica for Seamless AI Integration

By CIOReview | Friday, May 24, 2019

FREMONT, CA – DataRobot, a leading provider of automated machine learning solutions, recently signed a pact with Informatica, a premier developer of cloud data management, to accelerate the adoption of AI integration across various industries. The collaboration aims to empower the enterprises in developing state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence solutions and delivering advanced analytics.

The dynamic partnership between the two companies will provide an end-to-end solution, ranging from data discovery to model building, to aid enterprises to enhance their AI capabilities. The DataRobot automated machine learning platform equips the enterprises with robust ML capabilities, enabling seamless data science workflow automation. The proven expertise of DataRobot aids the enterprises to develop and deploy accurate predictive models in no time.

Informatica’s reliable cloud data management solutions have transformed the data-driven digital capabilities of enterprises. The integration of DataRobot automated machine learning platform with the cloud data management solutions of Informatica ensures the democratization of data science by empowering users with quick access, simplified data development, automatic ML tool deployment, and streamlined management of analytics models.

The true potential of AI can only be realized through effective data utilization. The robust big data management solutions of Informatica, combined with the machine learning platform of DataRobot, delivers the most efficient tools for enterprises to develop the comprehensive datasets for AI and ML models. It enables quick development, validations, testing, selection, and deployment of practical machine learning models to complement the AI and data science capabilities.

The autonomy of data science can facilitate prompt AI deployments. The agreement between the two companies will equip the users with simple, comprehensive, and collaborative data preparation capabilities to streamline their AI projects. It will also simplify shared customer access to data sets and assist them in AI and ML model development.

The goal of the partnership between DataRobot and Informatica is to build, implement, and deploy advanced AI solutions according to the evolving needs of the customers to transform their businesses. Several companies, including Deloitte Consulting, have adopted the joint expertise of DataRobot and Informatica in delivering AI use cases. The collaboration also aims to accelerate the modernization of data, automation of businesses processes, and assist the enterprises in realizing their AI goals.