DataStax Launches DevCenter 1.4 to Enable Developers to Work with JSON in a Better Way

By CIOReview | Monday, July 27, 2015

FREMONT, CA:  DataStax, a provider of Apache Cassandra database to the enterprise, announces DataStax DevCenter 1.4, an easy-to-use visual development tool for providing support for JSON data management. The addition of JSON support via DevCenter 1.4 will empower enterprises with multi-model capabilities to deliver new levels of power and flexibility to web, mobile and IoT applications.

The major functions of DevCenter 1.4 include:

User-Defined Functions and Aggregations

DevCenter 1.4 visually supports Cassandra’s new user-defined functions (UDF’s) and aggregation capabilities, which enable developers to write custom functions and aggregation operations and call them from the application code. Cassandra UDF’s may be visually constructed in DevCenter 1.4 using code snippets.

Wizard-driven Object Creation

DevCenter 1.4 adds new capabilities to visually create user-defined types and indexes for Cassandra tables. With visual developer capabilities, it allows users to easily create, query and navigate JSON data.

Windows Support

DataStax DevCenter runs on Windows, Mac and Linux as well, allowing developers to use Windows as a complete platform for either their development or production work. Cassandra 2.2 supports Microsoft Windows.

“Modern online applications are evolving to the point where they require support for multiple data models and data structures inside a single database. With DevCenter 1.4 and Cassandra 2.2, DataStax is delivering the ability for developers to smartly store, manage, and query JSON data in Cassandra while enjoying all the other benefits that Cassandra provides with its core data model, write-and-read anywhere design, and linear scale performance capabilities,” said Robin Schumacher, VP of Product, DataStax.