Dataxoom Announces Data Plans for Customers to Pool Data across BYOD Environment
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Dataxoom Announces Data Plans for Customers to Pool Data across BYOD Environment

By CIOReview | Thursday, February 5, 2015

BERKELEY, CA: DataXoom, a provider of mobile data services for businesses have announced new data plans to help customers share data across a company-wide BYOD environment; realize cost savings and enable them to pool data advantages which was once available to large, centralized corporate-owned and sponsored accounts.

DataXoom’s business-centric, custom billing platform provides enterprise customers with the options and tools required to rapidly integrate and effectively manage their mobile data strategies. In addition to its new BYOD and IRU pooling options, DataXoom offers businesses several important advantages like it has no contracts or termination penalties; its mobile data pricing options include pay-as-you-go plans; 2 to 10 GB plans that pool across all users, and larger terabyte (TB) plans that can be customized for specific pricing requirements and the company also provides affordable new or refurbished devices, or customers can select SIM-only options. DataXoom also offers tablet-and-service bundles, in which the lease cost of the device is packaged with the monthly data service.

 “There are many well-documented benefits of implementing a BYOD policy within an enterprise, including lower hardware costs. The main challenge when considering a BYOD strategy has historically been the higher costs of wireless service, which typically result from losing valuable corporate discounts and pooling options among employees. With our announcement today, DataXoom is reducing the costs to implement and manage a corporate BYOD strategy,” said Rob Chamberlin, Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer, DataXoom.