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DatChat Rolls Out Fully Encrypted Social Media and Messaging Platform

By CIOReview | Friday, August 21, 2020

DatChat has launched fully encrypted social media, and messaging platform that includes self-destructing features and more for assured privacy and security for users.

FREMONT, CA: DatChat gives users their privacy back when social media censorship is quickly spreading, Available for free for the iOS and Android mobile platforms, DatChat is a fully encrypted social media and messaging platform. DatChat enables users to change how long posts and messages can be viewed before or after they are shared, prevents screenshots, and help users to nuke conversations that disappear from the parties' devices.

DatChat's patented technology also provides users a conventional texting experience while providing total control and security for their messages. Once a message self-destructs on its own or the user choose to erase it, the message disappears forever. No record remains in DatChat or its servers. DatChat messages are double encrypted and cannot be read without the key that only the user has.

The DatChat private social network generates a secure and completely private space to post, share, and comment with friends and associates. Additionally, all posts are encrypted and can be permanently deleted—without a trace. Based on patented technology, the DatChat social privacy platform creates a unique social network to safely share and talk without the worry of censorship, getting canceled, or the prying eyes of Big Data.

Features of DatChat includes it helps create multiple social networks which is easy to use and will always be private and secure, opt to nuke messages so that they instantly self-destruct without a trace, prevent screenshot and notification with unique anti-screenshot technology that allows users to view an entire message while protecting it from screenshots, encryption to ensure that posts and messages are only seen by the user and user's recipients, message security, biometric or facial recognition security to protect DatChat messages and set simple or complex passwords for added protection, and anonymity.

DatChat is a team dedicated to creating a personal privacy platform that provides privacy, control, and security.  The DatChat Digital Rights Management Technology is the core of the platform.

Its initial products are the DatChat Messenger and Private Social Media Platform. The company is now focused on developing blockchain and DRM to remediate cyber-security issues, such as issues relating to messaging, social media, email, file storage, and financial transactions.