David Schleifer to Serve as the New Chief Operating Officer at ASG
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David Schleifer to Serve as the New Chief Operating Officer at ASG

By CIOReview | Tuesday, December 7, 2021

David Schleifer, as the chief operating officer, will look after the company’s business strategies, internal policies, and employee performance.

Fremont, CA: Setting the company up for success by understanding what the market wants and generating an unbroken value stream that feeds the need more effectively and consistently is part of executing a business strategy successfully, and companies can achieve this by choosing the appropriate personnel. Advanced Systems Group (ASG) has chosen David Schleiferas as the Chief Operating Officer. Schleifer, a 30-year media technology industry veteran, will work closely with ASG President Dave Van Hoy to implement the company's business goals, set rules that promote the company's corporate culture and vision and encourage high performance from employees.

“David had already demonstrated his operational skills and commitment to ASGs success as VP of Strategic Operations, so he was the obvious choice to fill this key leadership role as COO,” states Dave Van Hoy, President of ASG. “His wealth of experience in the media and entertainment industry, coupled with his deep understanding of our vision and mission, are essential. But more importantly, he's a born strategist with a talent for designing business processes, promoting company culture, and leading diverse teams to successfully implement that strategy. Im excited to work with David to elevate ASG to the next level.”

Schleifer comments, “I worked with ASG in my previous role as COO of Primestream, but even before that had long been aware of ASGs leadership in engineering solutions for Media and Entertainment. I’ve seen how ASG has grown by nurturing its employees success as well as focusing on customer needs. Im looking forward to positioning ASG for greater growth as cloud technology brings us tremendous opportunities to lead the technology conversation and deliver the end-to-end solutions that digital media, entertainment and broadcasting demand.”