DB Networks Collaborates with Interface Masters to Deliver Network Security

By CIOReview | Friday, February 12, 2016

SAN JOSE, CA: DB Networks, a provider of database security, and Interface Masters, a provider of network visibility and uptime solutions, have collaborated together to tackle the increasing complexity and vulnerability of database infrastructure. 

The partnership between the companies ensures optimal network security, while offering deep database protocol extraction and analysis. In addition, DB Networks has integrated its product—DBN-6300 with Interface Masters Niagara 2804 Network TAP/Packet Broker solution. The combined solution provides an economic way to offer highly tuned network visibility, database discovery violations, and behavioral analysis to identify advanced security threats in real time. 

DBN-6300 delivers optimized practical network and database policy management capabilities. While, Interface’s Niagara 2804 connects to each side of one or multiple bi-directional 1G or 10G network links and visibly send network traffic, ensuring network uptime even in power failure. 

Other prominent benefits of the joint solution include: support for 10G & 1G Network TAP, Filtering, Mirroring, Aggregation, Load balancing and Speed Conversion between Network Links & DB Networks Sensor(s), user-friendly web GUI/management, prevent database breaches, identify code injection attacks against databases, and query and visualize network traffic. 

“DB Networks and Interface Masters deliver Database and Cyber Security protection in a fashion that is robust, secure and non-intrusive to network functions. The Active TAP support delivers a full picture of network traffic flow and ability to provide specific traffic to DB Networks’ security appliance for thorough and easy to deploy network monitoring,” explains Ben Askarinam, CEO and Founder of Interface Masters Technologies.