dbForge Studio Reinforces Find and Recompile Invalid Objects Functionality for Oracle v3.8

By CIOReview | Wednesday, February 10, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Devart Team has developed an extended version of dbForge Studio for Oracle v3.8 with advanced facility to search and recompile invalid objects, refactoring of objects, along with a redesigned schema and data comparison user interface. Devart provides professional database management software to the developers, corresponding to which the database administrators have released the advanced version of dbForge Studio for Oracle v3.8.

New improved features and functionalities are integrated into the dbForge Studio for Oracle v3.8. The Find and Recompile Invalid Objects functionality allows searching of invalid objects, requiring recompilation into the database schema. Object Refactoring property ensures changing of all object names and variable names occurrences to the new ones. The revamped user interface compares the operation of data and schema. This upgraded version subsidizes the TFS 2015 in schema comparison with extended server connection via IPv6. It features value-added shortcut table functionality along with the ability to fix user reported bugs.

dbForge Studio for oracle is backed by Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that assists the oracle developers to accelerate their coding speed of PL/SQL. It provides tailor-made data editing tools for administering in-database and external data. The dbForge Studio allows seamless data flow between different Oracle servers and also engineering the schema change during the development process. It is encrypts many other different features for a smooth management of Graphic User Interface in combination with Microsoft Visual Studio. Oracle v3.8 of dbForge Studio is available free for evaluation for a 30-day period.

Devart has already updated two of its dbForge tools for the SQL Server. Those tools are SQL’s Data Generator and the SQL Decryptor. The dbForge Data Generator helps saving user’s effort and time by populating SQL Server tables with other test data rows, which resembles the real data. It is designed with an advanced installation wizard that enhances the SQL Editor with the Search functionality of SQL.