DBI Software Enables Index Benefit Analysis in its Latest Release for IBM Data Platform

By CIOReview | Thursday, October 29, 2015

FREMONT, CA: DBI Software, a provider of DB2 LUW database performance optimization solutions, announces the release of pureFeat V6.2 Performance Management Suite for ‘IBM DB2 for Lunix, Unix and Windows’. The latest offering from the company features comparing performance across two different databases.

DBI has packed its latest software with an innovative feature called "Index Benefit Analysis". It takes the recommended index output from IBM program 'db2advis' and provides meticulous information on the benefits derived from each of the recommended index. It also offers the amount of value lost on those indexes which aren't created as a part of solution set.

The ‘db2advis’ recommends multiple indexes and in some cases, indexes recommended can be the dragging factor of the workload's underperformance. The Index Benefit Analysis mitigates this risk by identifying low performing indexes. The users can gain from the benefit of recording comprehensive notes for a SQL statement easily and get insights on percentage weights of each processing step. Technologies incorporated in the solution will allow users to pinpoint the root-cause problems and address them efficiently thus saving the invested infrastructure and time.

“I’ve taught how to do Index Benefit Analysis by hand calculations at IDUG conferences.  The calculations can take hours and are prone to error.  You don’t have hours to fix a performance issue when managers are screaming and your application is failing. Remarkably, DBI pureFeat gets this sophisticated analysis done in seconds!” says Scott Hayes, President and Founder, DBI Software.