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DBS-H adds Hadoop to Its Existing Support for Targets

By CIOReview | Friday, May 6, 2016
Amos Shaltiel, CEO, DBS-H

Amos Shaltiel, CEO, DBS-H

FREMONT, CA: DBS-H Ltd, a provider of data integration software solution, recently announced that its plug and play software for integrating SQL and NoSQL databases –CR8 will now support Hadoop. 

The software solution CR8 enables continuous data integration between SQL and NoSQL databases thereby allowing relational and big data databases to run simultaneously. “Our product CR8 can continuously capture changes of the SQL database and convert the information in a manner that NoSQL can read and integrate it,” said Amos Shaltiel, CEO, DBS-H. CR8 reads SQL database's transaction log files to capture the changes executed in the primary system and replicate the data to target NoSQL systems that are open for read and write.

The expansion of CR8 supporting Hadoop enables continuous inflow database updates to HBase, HDFS or Kafka as per business needs. With this, MongoDB, JMS queues, Google and Amazon S3 Cloud Storage will continue being the support for targets.

With Big Data landscape expected to grow from $28.65 Bn in 2016 to $67 Bn by 2021, as per a market research report, the need of data integration is also going to surge with time.

“Organizations are looking for ways to leverage technical innovation and Big Data to survive in today’s competitive world but their existing data is locked in legacy systems,” added Shaltiel.

“CR8 removes this obstacle by unlocking this data while reducing the need for cumbersome ETL's by streaming the SQL based data to new technology platforms in near real-time where it can be used for operational insights and on-the-spot analytics. In the future,” he explained, “We plan to integrate with more tools such as Apache Atlas in order to enable a wide range of data security oriented use cases.”