DDoS Attacks Ruining Customer Trust, Reveals Corero Survey

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 31, 2016

HUDSON, MA: DDoS attacks can negatively impact customer trust and confidence, according to Corero Network Security’s second annual DDoS Impact Survey. The view was supported by about 45 percent of the respondents comprising of technology decision makers, network operators, and security experts. For 34 percent of the respondents, losing revenues due to DDoS attacks pose a more serious threat than losing trust.

“Network or website service availability is crucial to ensure customer trust and satisfaction, and vital to acquire new customers in a highly competitive market,” says Dave Larson, COO, Corero Network Security. “When an end user is denied access to Internet-facing applications or if latency issues obstruct the user experience, it immediately impacts the bottom line.”

As DDoS attacks have become very inexpensive to create and easy to deploy, they now occur on a daily or a weekly basis, a shocking statistic emphasized by nearly one third of the respondents. Another astonishing fact revealed by the survey is that companies often remain in the dark about the small scale DDoS attacks which take place almost regularly. 30 percent of the respondents disclosed their reliance on traditional security infrastructure services leaving them more vulnerable to DDoS threats.

Though one third of the respondents have installed upstream service providers, 85 percent of the surveyed expect internet service providers to come up with additional security services so as to wholly eliminate DDoS threats. In addition, as much as 51 percent of the professionals who took part in the survey are ready to pay more for a premium service which can tackle DDoS attacks completely. At the same time, 35% indicated that they would allocate 5-10% of their current ISP spend to subscribe to this type of service.

“Clearly the majority of organizations need and are willing to pay for a service that protects them from DDoS attacks,” adds Larson. “We offer the industry-leading in-line, real-time DDoS mitigation solution that allows Internet Service Providers to easily meet that demand. The Corero SmartWall Threat Defense System can be deployed at the very edge of the network or Internet peering points to effectively inspect all Internet traffic and mitigate DDoS attacks in real-time before they can inflict damage downstream.”