DDoS Simulation Tool to Eradicate DDoS Attacks
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DDoS Simulation Tool to Eradicate DDoS Attacks

By CIOReview | Friday, February 28, 2014

FREMONT, CA: Today, cyber security threats and solutions go hand in hand. On one side developers are busy designing cyber security services, while hackers are experimenting on various cyber attack tools. Security threats are of many kinds, ‘distributed denial of service attacks’ is one such powerful tool used by hackers which makes the system unavailable to the legitimate users.   

DDoS attacks cannot be always blocked with a firewall, they often surpass all hurdles and hindrances. In the recent years, its usage has increased due to the availability of free DDoS tools. Thus the cyber security systems should be provided with more teeth inorder to eradicate serious cyber threats.

MAZEBOLT, an Israeli based cyber security startup has announced the release of their DDoS Simulation module to strengthen the posture in the cyber security arena. This solution is commonly known as “War Games Simulation”. Reportedly, the core methodology used to simulate the attack would be similar to the methodologies used in operations like Operation Ababil which unleashed havoc against a number of American financial institutions.

 “Cyber security threats are on the rise and have become more sophisticated over the last few years. Whilst working to mitigate massive attacks on many of the largest organizations in the world I saw that even the best funded of them, such as stock exchanges, financial institutions and governments, were all quite easily susceptible to guerrilla style cyber warfare attacks,” says Matthew Andriani, CEO of MAZEBOLT.

The best part is that in MAZEBOLT, Vulnerability Scanning and the DDoS Simulation are coupled in one unified interface, thus gives crucial insights, actionable intelligence and allows security personal to review the credibility and reliability of current mitigation systems already in place. It is this very combination that makes an organization to get prepared for any kinds of cyber-attacks to their network or website.

“MAZEBOLT’s Threat Intelligence Platform will assist you in understanding how to change your security posture utilizing your current technologies. A lot of security vendors will sell you dozens of expensive security products but they don’t sell security,” adds Andriani.

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