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Deacom Delivers New Ecommerce System for Process Manufacturers

By CIOReview | Wednesday, August 3, 2016
Jay Deakins, CEO, DEACOM

Jay Deakins, CEO, DEACOM

CHESTERBROOK, PA: Deacom, an innovative single-system ERP company, has recently launched a unique, impressive ecommerce application native to their ERP software. The onset of this application helps Deacom customers to leverage virtual storefront as an additional sales channel ensuring that data is automated and accurate throughout the entire platform. The company’s unique strategy towards modern ERP expands beyond the traditional ERP model which can stunt the growth of manufacturers. More than 20 years ago, Deacom began developing single-system ERP software that enables process manufacturers to gain optimal visibility into the operations without the use of third party bolt-ons and customizations. “We took a different approach and developed a solution that encourages growth and can evolve quickly as industries, companies, and regulations change,” said Jay Deakins, Founder and CEO of Deacom.

Operating upon the principle of “Complexity made Simple,” Deacom seeks out companies with complex issues that are trying to break out of the downward spiral caused by burdensome legacy ERP solutions. With the firm’s single-system model, all ecommerce information, like pricing and part restrictions can be easily managed in one location in the main system and stored. It is then automatically updated on the ecommerce site and eliminates repetitive data entry in various modules and spreadsheets. Additionally, the new strategy allows customers to build consolidated reports across all sales channels from the ERP software with the most up-to-date details about the process involved.

Reflecting these adjustments in the main ERP system, the retail site data on the ecommerce platform be it inventory levels or available promise dates, is kept updated and accurate. On illustration, operational efficiencies are improved on a broader basis in real-time to the accounting, warehouse, production, and sales teams with these transactions. Designed for customer’s ease-of-use, the fully responsive site powered by DEACOM ERP will involve in delivering professional and organized front-end experience for both B2B and B2C customers. This allows manufacturers to improve the management of regulatory requirements, respond quickly to recalls, and generate reports from various areas of the business in zero time delay. Beneficially, it also creates secure individual customer logins, personal details like contact information, preferences, and order templates which can be saved for future use.

“We are the only ERP provider in the market that is approaching ecommerce in this way,” continued Deakins. “Our simplified approach to the market has allowed businesses to not only create strong practices for their process manufacturing companies, but also scale their businesses. “Our team of ERP artisans works to continuously evolve the ERP solution to handle the needs of the process manufacturing industry today and predicts those of tomorrow.”