DEACOM ERP Solution Launches Mobile App for Customers on the Go
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DEACOM ERP Solution Launches Mobile App for Customers on the Go

By CIOReview | Friday, August 22, 2014

WAYNE, PA: Deacom, ERP software solution provider for process manufacturing companies, announces the launch of a mobile application that will revolutionize the way their customers use DEACOM ERP.


For the past five years Deacom has been converting the entire back end of their software to the .Net framework.  On this foundation, the company has developed the mobile app to work as a thin front-end layer. This layer utilizes the business rules written in DEACOM ERP to pull data directly from the main system, merely rendering it differently based on the device.


An extension of the DEACOM ERP solution, the app delivers a unique capability such as universal system access with real-time visibility, full reporting and drill-down capabilities, ability to make modifications on the go – from a mobile device. Deacom’s unique single system model was developed to eliminate inefficiencies associated with bolt-on software, and to provide a modern, fast and agile ERP solution that is powerful yet simple to use. 


“This is a huge advantage for people who need to manage from the road,” says Deacom President Jay Deakins.  “They can monitor what’s happening in every aspect of the business from their phone or tablet, and quickly and easily address customer requests for information. All of the data in the system is available to the mobile devices including sales, purchasing, inventory, production, quality control, and all related data.”