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Dealing with the Challenges of Cloud Management

By CIOReview | Friday, May 10, 2019

Over the last few years, the proliferation of cloud has brought forth radical changes in computing, storage, and general processing. Organizations and enterprises are leveraging cloud technology to host their operational infrastructure in cyberspace. It has aided organizations to simplify operations and increase revenue.

However, many enterprises find it challenging to embrace cloud management, mainly due to the radical changes in the operating software and tools. The operation of cloud system software requires specialized skills. As a result, the organizations will need to provide extensive training to the operators. In some organizations, even if the technology and development teams migrate to the cloud platforms, several other processes including capital expenditure, billing, and acquisition among others would find it harder to adapt since the cloud data centers function on a more subscription-based model.

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Besides, not all enterprises can have access to the major cloud service providers, either due to inadequate finances or incompatibility. In such cases, the affordable cloud service might not be as reliable as the major service providers. Also, enterprises cannot always find cloud service providers who deliver the required solutions in a single bundle, especially if the solutions come from different brands. Integrating cloud solutions from various brands into a single suite will simplify end processes of the customer. However, such platforms are virtually nonexistent. Besides, cloud solutions require significant time and financial resources.

Transferring the entire operational infrastructure to the cloud can be challenging, but one cannot deny the benefits of cloud management. Having a cost estimation plan and involving cost experts can help the enterprises to maintain control over the expenditure of cloud management and allocate additional budget for emergencies. Consequently, cloud management will facilitate cost reduction, scalability, enhanced security, and a better business model.

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