DeceptionGrid Brings In Dunbar Cybersecurity Together with TrapX Security

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 11, 2015

SAN MATEO, CA: The cyber security providers, TrapX and Dunbar Cybersecurity, forms an alliance to enable Dunbar leverage the benefits of ‘TrapX DeceptionGrid’ to help its customers safeguard against cyber threats.

DeceptionGrid automatically deploys a network of camouflaged malware trap that is offered among the IT resources. If malware touches the grid, a high-confidence ALARM is generated. The malware is then isolated using real-time automation and sent to the security operations team for comprehensive assessment.

" TrapX's DeceptionGrid technology integrates with our fully-integrated managed security platform to simplify and consolidate threat management for our customers in a way that's reliable and easy to manage, maintain and scale according to our clients' requirements," says Christopher Ensey, COO, Security Solutions business, Dunbar.

The features offered by the solution are: real-time malware movement detection within the vLan in the deployment of DeceptionGrid; each TrapX alert is over 99 percent accurate and immediately actionable; outbound Botnet detection rapidly detects hidden exfiltration activity through encryption and enables to identify the sources that are masking exfiltration. Complete analysis of malware, even zero day events, is automated and this information is then provided to the security operations center for prompt action.

"Today's attackers continue to demonstrate how often perimeter network security solutions fail. As a result, organizations and MSSPs alike are turning to deception-based solutions that are designed to substantially reduce the time to breach detection," explains Carl Wright, General Manager, TrapX Security.