Decisyon Partners with Genpact Deploy the Decisyon 360 IoE
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Decisyon Partners with Genpact Deploy the Decisyon 360 IoE

By CIOReview | Thursday, September 22, 2016

STAMFORD, CT: Decisyon, that transforms the Internet of Everything (IoE) into real world value for data-driven businesses, announces its partnership with Genpact, a global leader in designing, transforming, and running intelligent business operations, that deploy the Decisyon 360 Internet of Everything (IoE) platform as part of Genpact’s new generation of managed services for supply chains and asset-intensive industries.

Leveraging the Decisyon 360 platform, Genpact will now deliver a solution for converging operational and enterprise information into a single platform to drive operational excellence, enhanced asset optimization, and advanced analytics.  Genpact’s managed services help transform business value creation and enables Genpact clients to:

  • Achieve data to insight: employ advanced analytics to predict patterns and prescribe actions – at IoE-scale – regardless of variety, volume, or velocity of the data;

  • Drive insight to action: execute actions through workflows – automatically using pre-defined algorithms or through team collaboration using relevant information in context to the issues at hand; and

  • Continuously optimize operations – minimizing downtime, increasing capital efficiency, and reducing costs.

“Genpact is focused on driving transformation of our clients’ operations and Decisyon’s platform meets our requirements for rapidly building smart IoE solutions that incorporate big data, advanced analytics, collaborative decision-making, and execution capabilities in a unified, no coding environment,” said Paul Burton, senior vice president of Analytics and Research at Genpact. “The Decisyon platform will help us add value to our clients by dramatically reducing cost, complexity, and time-to-implementation.”

As a result of the partnership, Genpact will provide managed services solutions to its clients across a broad range of industries and use cases, such as asset optimization, failure prediction, and prescriptive maintenance; plant floor and manufacturing process optimization; supplier performance management and supply chain transformation; sales, marketing and operations planning improvement; and vendor management, logistics and channel optimization.

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