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Deep Run unfolds Spectrum 2.0 to Eliminate Cyber Security Based Infringes

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 16, 2016

BALTIMORE, MD: Deep Run Security has introduced Spectrum 2.0, as an indispensable security tool to manage industry’s cyber operational risks. The security company spent a long time in the technological investigation and went on to unveil Spectrum as a best-in-class security service for organizations.

“With SPECTRUM, a lack of communication and understanding becomes a thing of the past. Our customers can quickly understand their strengths and weaknesses and move their organizations forward within their corporate priorities and long term planning.” says Gary Merry, CEO, Deep Run.

Deep Run Security is based on information security services that provide industries with extended cyber security solutions to protect their businesses from cyber risks. Its agnostic solutions fit into every mode of business such as retail, healthcare, banking/finance and M&A efforts. The company’s recently revealed solution is the result of an analysis that is announced by “The Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report”, which clearly incorporates that, over 90% of all infringement relies on “Human or Business Process Errors”. Deep Run Security identified the facts and came up with Spectrum 2.0 solution that overcomes critical cyber threats. The solution leads the companies to be more secured by providing them all with analysis tools. It offers industries to understand cyber risks for their security parameters and also guide them to plan and execute their long term security functionalities accordingly. The effective and easy to understand design of Spectrum delivers industries with one single cyber security portal that can be understood and utilized by the board of directors, executive teams and the most detailed security work groups. The solution’s motto is to achieve the highest security goals mainly in the retail, hospitality, financial and healthcare industries.

Deep Run professional analysis including SPECTRUM analytics provides seamless support to the firms to experience the executive level view that represents intuitive graphical presentations of their operational and technical cyber strengths and weaknesses. The solution’s executive dashboard delivers both executive views and detailed analysis which are the crucial elements of the cyber security world.

“We believe the key to being secure is the joining of the technical aspects of cyber security with the people and processes (operations) to create a complete “business” strategy to make a firm more secure”, adds Merry.