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deepdub Rolls Out Novel AI Platform to Transform Global Entertainment Experiences

By CIOReview | Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Established in 2019, deepdub seeks to fill this divide by offering improved viewer interactions through film, TV, gaming, and advertisement.

FREMONT, CA: deepdub recently announced its platform's introduction to broaden and preserve the public experience for entertainment organizations and content providers. Driven by advanced AI and deep learning technologies, deepdub enables the industry to find content in multiple languages by pressing a button.

For decades, the film sector has seen several problems with the way advertising is globalized for foreign viewers in their original languages. Dubbing has historically been a lengthy and costly process that results in disjointed viewing interactions across platforms and languages. Still, streaming video continues to grow both in viewership and content choices worldwide.

Ofir Krakowski, Co-Founder, and CEO, deepdub, states, "We set forth to explore how AI and deep learning technologies could be used to create a more rich and compelling experience for audiences worldwide. During this process we discovered that the benefits could extend across the entire entertainment industry, resulting in lightning speed capabilities for any format of screen-based content without the cost limitations of the past. Our launch represents the culmination of immense research and development to not just disrupt the entertainment industry, but provide unlimited creativity for creators and amazing new experiences for viewers."

According to a new poll by statista exploring movies and watching habits in the United States, 59 percent of U.S. adults say they would like to see foreign-language movies dubbed in English rather than see the original feature with subtitles. Established in 2019, deepdub seeks to fill this divide by offering improved viewer interactions through film, TV, gaming, and advertisement. From globalizing and localizing vocabulary to layering in new accents while maintaining initial actor voices through languages, deepdub allows copyright owners to release endless hours of content to viewers around the world that would otherwise sit in their repositories. The technology is part of the post-production process to have quicker processing times and at a fraction of the expense of conventional dubbing services.

With this release, the corporation is taking a big step in achieving its commitment to bring new technologies to the forefront of the consumer entertainment experience while improving public retention and expanding global sales opportunities.

The institution's management team puts together decades of experience, complemented by a dynamic advisory board of business experts. "The entertainment industry is primed for disruption, as increased OTT adoption, AVOD, and demand for global content continue to skyrocket. deepdub offers an incredible opportunity to capitalize on these developments by bringing cinema, television, and streaming content options to worldwide markets in a much more effective manner, unifying the audience experience across languages and cultures. I am deeply excited to play a role in helping guide such a capable and experienced team," stated Emiliano Calemzuk, Former President of Fox Television Studios, and now serves on deepdub's advisory board.