Deepen AI Unveils Deepen Calibrate

By CIOReview | Saturday, December 5, 2020

Deepen AI has announced the launch of Deepen Calibrate, which is a unique new software tool that makes the crucial task of sensor data calibration simple and quick.

FREMONT, CA: Deepen AI, a provider of computer vision tools for autonomous systems, has announced the launch of Deepen Calibrate. It is a unique new software tool that makes the crucial task of sensor data calibration simple and quick. The Deepen Calibrate manages the intricacies of the calibration procedure, confirming the accuracy and making autonomous systems safer. It also eases a task and makes it easier for anyone to do.

The sensor data calibration is crucial for self-driving vehicles and other autonomous systems. Such systems rely on sets of sensors that include cameras and LiDAR. Through it, the users can see the world around them, but such sensors must be cautiously regulated with each other and with reality to ensure the systems work properly and safely. Until now, the sensor calibration has been the kind of task that combined art and science, it also required the time of the most senior and experienced engineers on any team.

The objective of the Deepen Calibrate is to allow the users to visualize and inspect data quality integrity for training and validation. The Deepen Calibrate can cut the time spent on calibrating multi-sensor data from hours to minutes, which can immensely accelerate computer vision training. It will open the world for more AI technology by democratizing this important part of data curation.

The major features of Deepen Calibrate consist of:

• Export calibrated multi-sensor data into Deepen's annotation tools

• Visualize & inspect the integrity of multi-sensor data seamlessly

• Calculate intrinsic & extrinsic calibration parameters

Deepen Calibrate expands the organization's collection of data lifecycle tools, which includes Deepen Annotate and Deepen Validate. The Deepen Calibrate is also available to customers.

"Safety has always been our top priority, and the foundation for safety is reliable data," said Mohammad Musa, CEO & Co-founder of Deepen AI. "With Deepen Calibrate, we empower our customers to visualize and inspect data with a click of a few buttons -- while also saving them engineering man-hours—so they can move ahead with their computer vision training datasets with confidence."