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Deeper-Insights into SCM Technology

By CIOReview | Wednesday, June 19, 2019

While most companies look for high-tech data shields, source-based encryption emerges as the best feasible option that meets most demands for compliance.

FREMONT, CA: Memory technologies, like dynamic RAM, are quick, but they are not persistent, they have constraints on scaling, and they are costly. Storage technologies are not as smart or as memory-efficient, but they are persistent, can manage large quantities of information, and are cheaper. Storage Class Memory (SCM) is the next generation technology in memory and storage concepts, and it relates to a non-volatile memory class aimed at closing the gap between traditional memory and storage and changing the processing and storage of information. Memory storage class technology drives the future of storage and memory.

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RAM resistive, also known as RRAM or ReRAM, is yet another storage class memory technology. It includes a memristor, an electrical component made of a dielectric material specially formulated whose strength differs based on the voltage applied. ReRAM is based on a resistance switch that raises the present flow in one direction and reduces the present flow in the opposite direction. Another sort of memristor utilizes the voltage in an amorphous solid called chalcogenide glass to cause nanometal filaments. The material is rapidly changed from a hardened state to a more fluid state, which changes its strength.

Magnetoresistive RAM, or MRAM, is a non-volatile memory that depends on magnetic states to retain data bits instead of using electrical charges such as DRAM and NAND flash. MRAM techniques enable speeds to be delivered much quicker than flash and almost as quickly as SRAM while maintaining information when energy is lost.

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Today, the storage sector is evolving quicker than it has ever in the past, so more advancements will soon be hitting the reality.