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DeepMotion Launches its 3D Animation Cloud Service Animate 3D

By CIOReview | Tuesday, November 10, 2020

DeepMotion has officially introduced its 3D animation cloud service Animate 3D that can turn 2D video files into 3D animations.

FREMONT, CA: As part of its objective to evolve Motion Intelligence, DeepMotion has officially introduced its 3D animation cloud service Animate 3D. With the assistance of an AI-powered platform, Animate 3D can turn 2D video files into 3D animations that can be utilized in games, film, and other creative applications.

By diminishing the requirement for traditional mocap hardware and suits, the Animate 3D will offer easy, accessible full-body motion capture, which will transform animations in significantly less time. The Animate 3D can even drastically reduce the barrier for developing 3D animations for users that ranges from amateurs to long-time industry professionals.

The Animate 3D accepts .MP4 .MOV or .AVI files and creates high fidelity. FBX or. BVH animations. It can even output into other easily shareable formats such as .MP4 or .GIF. To offer an innovative visual aid, the users can upload their custom-made 3D characters to preview their animations on, download their animation that is already retargeted onto their characters, or merely download it as a .MP4 so that it can be shared on social media. With the web full of video content and the ability to shoot unique content, iterating quickly and developing a library of personal 3D motions will become more accessible than ever before.

Kevin He, Founder & CEO of DeepMotion, commented, "Creating innovative animations with our body expressions without heavy motion capture gear, and being given the ability to extract classic human motion from the vast amount of videos on the internet, is a dream to many of us working in the entertainment and social media industries. At DeepMotion, we have been hard at work over the past five years to employ biomechanical simulation and deep learning technologies to turn that dream into reality. Now, with great excitement, I'd like to announce that our first AI-powered cloud-based service, Animate 3D, has officially launched! We look forward to empowering all the content creators in the world to create dynamic 3D animations with their favorite characters using nothing more than a video clip and a web browser."