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Defining Effective IT Infrastructure Security

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 12, 2017

IT leaders conduct vast research while zeroing in on devices and solutions. They ponder over numerous aspects like total cost, longevity, and quality of the equipment, devices, solutions, and tools but one key factor they usually overlook is security. Their folly may result into a loss of millions of dollars for the enterprises they are working for. IT leadership must be aware of the fact that the security was never on the radar of vendors. Be it document management solution or hardware component, all the entities are designed and developed from a utilitarian approach that leaves enough loopholes for the hackers, intruders and other troublemakers to wreak havoc. From the likes of developers to vendors, all the participants pay less heed to the security, and vendees, in the end, have to pay a heavy price. Due to this ignorance, the need for security solution arose.

Further, recently occurred ransomware attacks like WannaCry and many more prior to it, highlight the need for adequate security measures to be in place. Though budgetary constraints restrict IT leadership from buying an end-to-end security solution for IT Infrastructure, a holistic security policy might help them secure the key assets. If enterprises deploy ample resources to tackle the security challenges in the following areas, it will tantamount to a holistic IT infrastructure security strategy.

Network policies

Many businesses deploy servers, routers, and other components while still relying on passwords provided by the manufacturer. The approach is hazardous as the intruder can easily search online through the commonly used keys and gain access to the vital equipments and subsequently to the data. Here, system administrators can play a crucial role in auditing and reassigning powerful passwords so that intruders are kept at bay. Enterprises can also opt for virtualization and adopt concepts such as software defined networking to minimize the cost and run the security measures using the cloud solutions.

Policies for mobile devices

As Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) is the latest trend, the need of the hour is to define stringent rules and practices to safeguard IT assets against the threat of intrusion. Primarily, mobile devices utilize  , so incorporating multiple layers of security such as two factor authentication can protect the critical data of a business.

Cloud remains a challenge

In order to be scalable and efficient, cloud is the imperative in the modern business environment. Though cloud facilitates real time operations at scale, lending access of cloud infrastructure to unscrupulous elements will be a recipe to disaster. IT leadership should not forgo security while ensuring ease of conducting operations.

Identification of the Trojan Horses within the organization

Security experts have pointed out the role of insiders in the security breaches. The prudent move in the age of espionage and cyber threats would be deploying identity and access management solutions that would restrict the internal players from relaying crucial information to the outside actors. Identity and access management solutions not only define the access level but also monitor suspicious activities.

Provisioning of disaster recovery mechanism

No security mechanism is foolproof and this precept is applicable to the security arrangements that IT leadership deploy after several brainstorming sessions and running through numerous checklists. A holistic recovery mechanism must include the plan for every entity that falls under the purview of IT infrastructure.

Review of the measures

Regular review of the security measure by a committee that includes security experts, developers, network administrators would reap great results. The communication between all the stakeholders proves helpful in discovering the lacunae in security setup. At the end of the day, only holistic view helps to close the gaps and stay a step ahead of malicious elements.

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