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Delivering Effective and Influential Insights with AI

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a game changer for most businesses around the world. The broader understanding ability, faster prediction rates, and problem-solving skills have made it one of the most influential and revolutionary technologies for humankind.

Integrating AI and the latest wireless technologies have become one of technology’s most powerful aspects. The technology duo influences innovation in different industries and improves people's everyday lives from traveling, shopping to personal healthcare.

AI collects an enormous amount of data every minute with the help of millions of CPUs, fragmenting and constantly processing at higher speeds than other rivalries. Every day it grows smarter and can connect billions of products and services to millions of people in a fraction of seconds. Those who feed the connection with valuable raw data are rewarded accordingly.

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However, if one were to break the rules and be restricted from the connection, their organization will most likely stop working and shut as a result of lack of insight and inability to compete with the remaining connections. The rules are set up by the company which has the ability to make decisions whether or not they are worth a valuable connection. It’s a single organization that connects to a private neural network. This network is made up of billions of terabytes of data, but more importantly, it's all meaningfully interpreted and organized to deliver the most accurate and effective value ever experienced.

AI expenditure has been entirely dominated by technology companies that see a clear return on investment, and companies need to be the leaders in the emerging world by making proper utilization of the technology. More emphasis will be placed in 2019 on technologies and processes aimed at enhancing AI transparency, along with the appropriate data protection guidelines and other similar measures to be implemented in major economies. Gartner forecasts that by 2020, AI is more likely to create 2.3 million jobs.

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