Delivering Next Generation Network Security Solutions

By CIOReview | Monday, February 29, 2016

RESTON, VA: LookingGlass Cyber Solutions, provider of threat intelligence management solutions, recently released the new CS-4000E network security appliance and an updated suite of threat mitigation applications. LookingGlass ‘NetX’ product line combines a unique integration of next generation Deep Packet Processing (DPP) appliances and applications, including LookingGlass NetDefender, LookingGlass NetSentry, and LookingGlass DNS Defender. Enhanced by a CS-4000E Deep Packet Processing Platform, these solutions discover and mitigate network threats faster by enabling security teams to truly operationalize threat intelligence.

The newly launched CS-4000E is a multi-function DPP inline network security platform that reduces the total cost of ownership relative to single-function appliances by hosting both x86 and LookingGlass DPP-based applications which allows for flexibility and drives rapid responses to emerging threats while accounting for changing network conditions. Additionally, the CS-4000E employs the same secure processing environment and maintains the security pedigree of the market leading CS-4000 (hardened OS and cross-domain guard capabilities) to deliver unparalleled protection to the most security conscious organizations in the world. “With the growing concerns of supply chain and network security, the CS-4000E provides enterprise security buyers with a multi-function security platform, operating at throughput up to 40 Gbps, at an excellent price point while ensuring critical device integrity functions are maintained,” says Chris Coleman, CEO of LookingGlass.

Known for delivering the most advanced and comprehensive threat intelligence driven solutions, LookingGlass continues to set the bar with its latest integration of machine-readable threat intelligence, threat intelligence management, and threat mitigation solution portfolios. Since most organizations today are agonized with internet-born threats, with the LookingGlass CS-4000E, security teams can deploy threat mitigation into their existing infrastructure at a much earlier stage.