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Delivery Robots are the Future of Ecommerce

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Delivery robots are no longer only a part of sci-fi movies. With logistics and retail companies exploring different ways to ramp up and roll out the technology, it is only a matter of time until delivery robots become the norm. While the consumer benefit is obvious­­­­­—faster deliveries at the fraction of the cost—the opportunities for businesses are also huge. Regulatory hurdles still have to be overcome, but the technology is ready and could be coming to a doorstep near you soon.

In the next few years, deliveries made by drones will become a major phenomenon for the ecommerce and retail industry. The drones currently used in the testing phase can carry up to five pounds and travel up to 15 miles. The main obstacle to the proliferation of this technology relates to airspace governance and the lack of regulations in many parts of the world. Once these challenges have been overcome, drone delivery will revolutionise ecommerce by making delivery times much faster. Same-day delivery will become the norm, and in some cases deliveries will be made within hours of purchase.

On the other hand, ground droids are also catching equal attention when it comes to last mile deliveries. These unmanned, six-wheeled ground delivery vehicles travel on sidewalks, and are particularly useful for the final mile of the delivery. Delivery droids have not been used in the U.S., but several companies in southern states and on the west coast plan to begin testing. Outside the U.S., they have been used in hotels for room deliveries, and in Australia, Domino's Pizza has created a robot to reduce delivery time and avoid traffic.

With these new air and ground robot technologies in development, both retailers and customers are soon to see radical changes in the experience of buying and selling online in the years to come.