Dell’s New Business Developments Plans
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Dell’s New Business Developments Plans

By CIOReview | Friday, May 13, 2022

A comprehensive look at Dell’s latest business and technological progress in the digital world.

FREMONT, CA: Dell’s market situation is booming as the enterprise has partnered up with other companies to expand on its projects. The company announced a great selection of hardware and software updates across its storage portfolio (PowerMax, PowerStore, PowerScale, and PowerFlex systems) in Las Vegas. Dell has also enhanced its APEX as-a-service offer with a new data protection service and added to its services in AWS and Azure. The Project Alpine initiative to port its file, block and object storage services to the public clouds has also made progress and was showcased at the event.

IBM stepped out of the consumer electronics market to focus on research. By selling off its PC and mainstream x86 server product lines, it is now more of a Dell partner than a competitor. HPE has sold off its PCs, and its storage line looks outdated compared to Dell’s portfolio. Its core strength is supercomputing, and its GreenLake as-a-service business model is rapidly advancing. However, its ability to port its file, block, and object storage services to the public cloud is severely limited, not least by partnering with other suppliers for file and block storage.

Dell is positioned well regarding the new developments of super edge computing, with telco 5G end-points becoming mini data centers that generate vast amounts of data to be processed locally and with subsets trickled up to central sites – on-premises or public cloud – for collective analysis. The company believes that the edge is the next frontier where data becomes the competitive advantage at creation. By 2025, 75 percent of data will be processed outside the data center. Dell intends to store that data, process that data, and send it wherever needed. Ayriad 5G edge sites could steer Dell revenues towards the $50 billion level, promising a bright future for the company in the coming years.