Dell Email Security Embedded with CYREN Cybersecurity Technology

By CIOReview | Monday, May 25, 2015

MCLEAN, VA: CYREN, recently entered into an agreement with Dell which will embed CYREN's antimalware technology into Dell SonicWALL Email Security appliances, software, virtual appliances and hosted services.

This initiative that ensures an added level of security through the CYREN antimalware solution, Dell attempts to bolster its position a secure, sophisticated and widely deployed contemporary email security solutions.

CYREN’s capabilities and enhanced features maximize protection while reduces the load on the host platform. It promptly detects malware and advanced threats. This is achieved by the efficient deployment of a multi-layered approach through heuristics, emulation, and cloud-driven logic, fed continuously by the intelligence of the CYREN Cloud, within a modular framework that can quickly address fast-evolving threats. It acts as an integral layer of security for Dell's email security products prioritizing performance while delivering maximum protection.  

Speaking on the alliance, Lior Samuelson, CEO and Chairman of the Board at CYREN states, "Speed and efficiency are always the highest priorities for companies looking to integrate a primary or multi-level approach to malware protection. CYREN is well known for providing both. Offering a highly-valued combination of simple integration, maximum performance and top-notch detection capabilities, CYREN stands as the ultimate security partner."

CYREN's Cyber Intelligence Platform is the base for CYREN's antimalware technology and competently analyzes billions of Internet transactions each day and coming up with valuable real-time intelligence from a wide range of threats from email, web and IP traffic.

"By adding CYREN's engine to our Dell SonicWALL email security solutions, we're creating a powerful multi-engine approach to security that further boosts protection for our clients," says Edward Cohen, Executive Director Of Strategy and Business Development for Dell Software.