Dell Forays into AFTE Software with Cognitive Intelligence; Breaks through Insipid Manual Tasks

By CIOReview | Tuesday, October 13, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Robotics process automation has caught the nerves of the business by creating a wave of transformation across the enterprise. Exploring the market for robotics software, Dell introduces Automated Full-Time Equivalent (AFTE) software, designed to operate repeatable, rule based tasks in business processes.

The AFTE prototype which is currently in its beta testing state will give life to cognitive intelligence such as self-heading, self-service and predictive analytics.

Cognitive robotics is concerned with endowing robotics with intelligent behavior by providing it with a processing architecture that will allow it to learn and reason about how to behave in response to complex goals in a complex world. It may be considered the engineering branch of embodied cognitive science.

The technology, for an instance, can be used in the healthcare sector to accelerate claims processing from 4.5 minutes down to 45 seconds by automating many of the tedious time-consuming processes.

The software utilizes the machine-learning algorithms to automatically make decisions based on the content in the form and documents; in a way it will cut off with the mundane processes and other types of paperwork all throughout the enterprise with a précised robotics approach.

Dell also puts an end to the expected employee layoffs by announcing its approach of strengthening the relationship between human and robots. It will embrace robotics technology for better job experience than replacing them altogether. It will give workers more time to handle complex processes that tend to have more exceptions than actual rules.

By using this monitoring tool, Dell will be now having better control over its production and it’s Network Operations Center, to identify issues in their systems before problems arise. Ultimately, these automated tools will decrease down-time, shorten the training periods for new employees; and help in increasing the volumes of average handle time in customer service.