Dell, Intel, HP, Emerson Join Forces to Develop Specification for Greater Data Center Performance

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 10, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Technology companies such as Dell, HP, Intel, and Emerson Network Power have collaborated to develop a modern hardware management specification for streamlined data center operation. A new group called ‘Redfish’ has been created through this collaboration which is currently working on a specification for comprehensive functionality, scalability, and security of the data centers. The specification is suitable for a multitude of end-users and applications, from datacenter operators to enterprise management consoles.

The collaborative effort is to address the challenges posed in the form of complex, multi node and multi-vendor data centers. The aim is to develop a standardized, simple, modern, and secure specification.

The Redfish development group is focused to develop the specification that enhances interoperability across multiple server environments, enhance productivity, as well as allow administrators to speak one language. The group would also work on ways to deliver actionable insights from massive amounts of data for system monitoring and management.

It uses a modern network interface style that allows access to data using even simple, script-based programming methods. This design improves scalability, improves data access and analysis, provides cost benefits, and provides feature-rich remote management.

The participating companies in this group are working with industry standards bodies and associations to accelerate the development process so as to expedite the wide adoption of Redfish specification for data centers.

The specification has to be submitted to the Distributed Management Task Force to forward it to the data center standards-publishing entity, ‘Scalable Platform Management Forum’.