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Dell Launches Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Solution

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 2, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Today’s cyber security landscape is prone to increasingly sophisticated and damaging security threats. The advent of artificial intelligence and machine learning will help organizations combat such threats, according to Dell. Keeping this fact in mind, Dell has launched the availability of the Dell Data Protection | Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise. It combines artificial intelligence and machine learning solution with the support of endpoint security company Cylance to fend off dangerous and advanced malware and threat.

The merging of Dell and Cylance’s improved threat protection feature makes it one of the most secure computing platforms in the world. It gives global organizations the ability to confidently prevent cyber attacks. From an errant email link through a phishing mail, to an invisible web site, malicious software download and advanced nation-state targeted attack, Dell promises to combat it all.  

Dell has also rolled out a new post-boot Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) verification functionality for Dell commercial PCs that enable the device to remain malware-free during the boot process. This cloud-based security tool extends security throughout the entire device lifecycle and delivers greater visibility for administrators who want to stop malicious BIOS attacks.

Cylance assures that new solutions can stop up to 99 percent of malware and advanced persistent threats which surpasses the capability of average 50 percent of efficacy rating of various traditional anti-virus solutions. 

Dell customers can take full advantage of Dell Data Protection | Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise. In a drive to replace its legacy server and client software, Dell made a strategic decision to introduce an improved approach to endpoint protection and reduction or elimination of the time that support staff has to spend addressing endpoint breaches. 

The Dell Data Protection | Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise is the only endpoint security suite available today that has Cylance technology, according to Dell.