Dell Makes Migration to Cloud Easy with its New Payment Solutions

By CIOReview | Thursday, September 3, 2015

ROUND ROCK, TX: Dell, a provider of innovative technology and services announces launch of its new payment solutions which is targeted to expedite customers’ cloud adoption and growth. The new set of financial solutions is designed to meet customers at the cross roads of their cloud migration process which, according to a recent study of IT decision makers worldwide, is a combination of public, private and managed cloud.

“Only Dell can offer the global programs and expertise to customers no matter where they are on their cloud journey, and we are now putting in place flexible payment solutions, cloud solutions and services offerings to make hybrid cloud a reality for businesses,” says Jim Ganthier, Vice President and General Manager for engineered solutions and cloud, Dell.

Dell Financial Services’ Comprehensive Cloud Payment Solutions unveils a portfolio of Scale Ready Payment Solutions, designed to enable better customer adoption of cloud solutions wherever they are on their cloud journey. Dell adds three new payment options for customers and channel partners to commensurate with its cloud solution portfolio growth:

Pay As You Grow: Is a payment option which enables customers to deploy all future equipment today with payments that increase as their business grows. Through this payment option customers can accelerate project completion by receiving the equipment up front and can start utilizing the equipment without having completed the payment for it. They further benefit from making the lowest payments in year one while already having used the equipment and generating returns.

Provision and Pay: This payment option enables customers to grow their technology solutions over a period of time with a cyclical plan, deploy, pay process. In the payment option payments are deferred until after their equipment is deployed.

Scale On Demand: This payment option allows customers to pay for cloud solutions as and when they use them with payments based on actual usage.

Dell is expanding its comprehensive portfolio of cloud solutions which will include new and differentiated payment solutions, designed to help customers at multiple points along their cloud journey. Dell’s hybrid cloud strategy is said to include new solutions in 2015, which will be based on the momentum behind their current portfolio of private, hybrid cloud solutions, data management and integration, and services.

Studies also confirm an accelerating trend toward repatriation of core business workloads, applications and data to private- and managed-cloud services from public cloud, with hybrid cloud identified as enabling the future-ready enterprises. According to a recent Dell flash poll of IT decision makers (ITDM) worldwide1, nine in ten say a hybrid cloud strategy is important to achieve a Future-Ready Enterprise, reports Business Wire.

 “The majority of customers have declared hybrid cloud as their ultimate end state to control IT costs, gain flexibility and agility, and to deliver new services to meet business requirements. Dell offers the full range of infrastructure, management software, services and payment solutions to help customers realize this strategy,” adds Ganthier.