Dell, Red Hat in Association of Cumulus Come Together to Simplify OpenStack Pod

By CIOReview | Thursday, April 28, 2016
Josh Leslie, CEO, Cumulus Networks

Josh Leslie, CEO, Cumulus Networks

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA: Linux operating systems provider Cumulus Networks has announced its collaboration with Dell and Red Hat for its OpenStack deployments. Cumulus on its own does not have any propriety SDN fabric solution; hence this partnership will help simplify the deployment process. The resulting solution offers an all-Linux OpenStack pod that is easy to install and maintain, and it incorporates the latest networking technologies.

OpenStack pods are created using disparate teams of networking engineers and system administrators who otherwise work in siloed environments with minimal means for collaboration.

The three firms, using shared DevOps tools eliminates silos, encourages collaboration, and implementes infrastructure as code concepts. The partnership also simplifies IP networking and controller-less VXLAN-based SDN.

The pod exploits Dell hardware for Cumulus Linux and Red Hat OpenStack Platform to include 300 PowerEdge rack-mount servers installed in nine racks interconnected with 24 Open Networking switches. Dual attached 10Gb Ethernet server connections and 8.6TB cluster bandwidth provided ample capacity for the OpenStack storage and distributed application communications. DevOps tools and principles enabled the geographically distributed team to hit a six hour deployment window to full operation.

Ansible formed the deployment tool chain and a virtual environment allowed for prototyping and testing of all components. The pod used an all IP VXLAN networking topology using Cumulus Linux and OpenStack Neutron spanning the leaf/spine switches as well as all OpenStack compute nodes. This architecture added simplicity, mobility, and agility to the entire OpenStack pod which realized over one thousand tenant networks without the need for exhaustive IPv4 and VLAN bookkeeping, and complex proprietary SDN controllers.

Red Hat OpenStack Platform on Dell PowerEdge servers and Cumulus Linux on Dell Open Networking switches unite to create a highly scalable Linux native Infrastructure as a Service solution.

“With the increase in production rollouts of OpenStack, customers want the ability to scale without compromising on performance and manageability,” says Radhesh Balakrishnan, General Manager, OpenStack, Red Hat. “In collaboration with Cumulus Networks and Dell we have demonstrated the ability to scale with Red Hat OpenStack Platform and we're looking forward to bringing this powerful solution to our customers. What makes this project even more unique is our focus on delivering a fully open source tool chain, including Ansible, to simplify deployment.”