Dell Unveils its New Data Center Solutions for the Growing Compute Demand

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 16, 2015

ROUND ROCK, TX:  Dell unveils Datacenter Scalable Solution (DSS), a new line of business within Dell’s Enterprise Solutions organization engineered to meet the specific needs of large-scale customers and address a market with x86 server volumes growing three times faster than the traditional x86 server market. 

Businesses such as telecommunication service providers, hosting companies, oil and gas and research organizations have high volume technology needs and supply chain requirements in order to deliver business innovation. With DSS, Dell can now offer these customers with technology they need, designed to their specifications.

Dell DSS leverages high quality and stability of Dell’s enterprise and DCS (Data Center Solutions) portfolio along with its global support and supply chain capabilities to design optimized solutions that meet customers’ needs. It enables companies to address their unique business challenges and application needs with specific technologies and deployment models. Be it a software requirement to manage data or need of additional servers around the globe to tackle unplanned demand, Dell DSS can accomplish high volume needs and create differentiated and optimized offerings for customers.

"Dell Datacenter Scalable Solutions is a prime example of how Dell, as a private company, is able to be more nimble, make faster decisions and – most importantly – drive innovation on behalf of its customers," says Ashley Gorakhpurwalla, VP and GM, Server Solutions, Dell. "While others in the IT industry have been focused on marketing hype or reducing capex costs only, we’ve created a new operating model that is centered around flexibility. DSS is about understanding customers’ goals and enabling them to achieve those objectives by giving them purpose-built solutions that are designed when and how they want it."