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Dell Unveils Robotic Process Automation to Boost Enterprise Productivity

By CIOReview | Tuesday, October 13, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Dell launches Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution to enhance speed and accuracy in business processes, reports Mike Vizard for IT Business Edge. The RPA solution is an Automated Full Time Equivalent (AFTE) – a software agent or robot that are programmed to perform repeatable and rule based task in enterprises. Users can monitor the performance of these robots through a real time dashboard known as the AFTE Command Center.

Through the RPA solution, many tasks that office workers do manually can be assigned to robots. In case the tasks require higher levels of scrutiny, Dell’s PRA (Personal Robotic Assistance) can complete the task with a final review by humans. The PRA incorporates machine learning in an advanced way to ensure 100 percent accuracy of task completion. These robots work until the task assigned to them is completed.

The deployment of AFTE will boost productivity of enterprises by dividing the work between human workers and robots. These robots have the capability of completing tasks faster than the human workers, allowing employees to save time from performing simple tasks.

"We call them Robotic Personal Assistants because they really are helping teams be more productive. We’ve got to change the mindset that they’re a threat and start to see the benefit of RPAs in helping teams become more productive. As businesses incorporate automation more and more, these Robotic Personal Assistants may even help teams earn bonuses by helping them increase their production," says Tanvir Khan, VP and Global Head, Dell BPO.