Delphix Acquires Axis Technology; Fortifies Data as a Service

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 26, 2015

MENLO PARK, CA: Being a dominant market leader Data as a Service provider, Delphix’s acquisition of Axis Technology Software marks an industry first in the field of DaaS service providers. It has elevated Delphix as the sole proprietor delivering integrated data masking, data virtualization as well as data archiving services.

Data masking an important ability for the enterprises that disorganize and rearrange private information such as social security numbers and credit card information ensures data protection. Deploying Secure Data as a Service offers enterprise customers with benefits like enhanced security that keeps up with the external and internal compliance requirements, speed and cost efficiency. This acquisition will permit Delphix to deliver secure, self-service data for application projects, including ERP rollouts, custom development and migrations to private and public clouds.

Speaking on the occasion, Michael Logan, founder and CEO of Axis Technology Software says, “We’re excited to join Delphix in its mission to transform enterprise data management. The integrated power of our platforms will provide our customers the ability to protect their data where and when they need it.”

The axiom of Daas service is delivering the right data to the right team at the right time and this is accelerating a plethora of application projects. The confidential data such as social security numbers, birthdates and addresses is replaced with the muddled up data which cannot be used for targeting customers. Both on premises and in the cloud, Delphix DaaS by affixing data platform masking allows IT organization to terminate confidential and private information before it reaches developers, QA engineers or other privileged users thereby bringing down the risks in surface area of data.

“With Axis, Delphix not only accelerates application projects, but also increases data security for our customers.” says Jedidiah Yueh, CEO of Delphix.