Dematics Rolls Out a Knowledge Based Logistics Optimization Software
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Dematics Rolls Out a Knowledge Based Logistics Optimization Software

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 25, 2014

GRAND RAPIDS, Mi: Dematic, provider of automated fulfillment solutions for warehouses and distribution centers, has announced the launch of Dematic iQ, a knowledge-based logistics optimization solution, reports BusinessWire.

Dematic iQ is a next generation software platform which uses advanced analytics to deliver immediate real-time visibility and control of logistics via user-friendly dashboards; with this new software solution, users can now manage their business anytime, at any level, from anywhere.

 Dematic is known for developing fast, accurate and cost-efficient order fulfillment strategies for different products and order profiles .The company’s order fulfillment software works with Pick-by-Voice, Pick-to-Light, FlexTruck Voice and RF Picking technologies to provide substantial improvements in productivity and picking accuracy.  

John Baysore, President and CEO, Dematic says, “Today’s order fulfillment challenges are vast. Dematic iQ presents our customers with a single logistics platform that delivers the decision support and optimization capabilities needed to improve operations on a sustainable basis.”

Developed as a scalable and modular platform that can accommodate manual processes through highly automated systems, Dematic iQ addresses fulfillment center business processes with robust functional modules and cloud offerings. An advanced data management layer empowers this software solution to intelligently harness data from diverse software and controls sources. As this solution has an open architecture, it integrates easily with existing infrastructures for access to logistics, data and cloud services for deployment on-site or off-premise.

“With the exponential growth of digital data, we are putting ourselves at the forefront of leveraging this information to deliver actionable business intelligence. I am excited to take part in announcing Dematic iQ, which provides our customers with a real-time, knowledge-driven fulfillment platform for competitive advantage,” says Ulf Henriksson, President and CEO, Dematic Group.

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