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Demystifying Data with Business Intelligence and Analytics

By CIOReview | Thursday, April 19, 2018

Toward the end of the 20th century, the term business intelligence (BI) gradually earned popularity among most modern-day enterprises. High levels of competition in the business arena have raised the need for an analytics-oriented system that can enhance their capabilities to reinvent and modify information they already possess.

Business Intelligence Systems (BIS) can have two different meanings: while one focuses on human intelligence capacity incorporated in business affairs, the other emphasizes on intelligence as information valued for its currency and relevance. Whereas, competitive intelligence is a specialized field of business intelligence that entirely focuses on the external competitive environment.

Similarly, analytics-based systems also accumulate and analyze data to identify and address an organization’s weak point. The data obtained by statistical analysis, data mining, and quantitative analysis is used in predicting and preparing for future adverse business scenarios. BI also supports decision making, surfacing just the analytics in accomplishing a given task. However, intermodal trucking is an essential aspect of the global supply chain and transportation management system (TMS) software has been developed to manage and track the shipping process. It captures and stores data which includes the location of shipments, labor and fuel costs and estimated time from the source to the final delivery.

Profit tools is a software to handle the entire shipping process which is a well-established provider of TMS software. It includes analytics that allows its customers to analyze the data in a detailed manner and provide a means for identifying patterns to optimize operations and maximize profitability. They adopted Sisense’s solution to overcome data blending challenges and the analytics provided allows customers to component costs which are affecting profitability in order to provide more insights to its customers.

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