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Demystifying Technology at Workplace with AI

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 3, 2019

AI has been revolutionizing all the industrial sectors for a long time, implementing essential changes to the world of work.

FREMONT, CA: The tech-driven industrial revolution and the future of work are phrases that are expected to see the massive implementation of numerous emerging technologies with high potential for disruptive effects. These refer to changes in the way love, work, and also relate to one another due to rapid developments in technology. Some facts should be known about advanced technologies and the workplace.  

AI is bringing in essential changes to the world of work. There are also new technologies that modern workforces are increasingly using, such as biometric technology which identifies and authenticates employees based on their unique biological or behavioral features. Organizations are all at varying stages of digital maturity. The advancements in technology that exist today and are likely to develop in the future, and the future of work will inherently require an ever-increasing combination of human and automated functions. Whenever new technologies are introduced into a workplace, a host of labor and employment laws may be implicated. Most media and regulatory attention relating to advanced technologies have focused on the potential for AI to unintentionally treat one group differently than another. This is undoubtedly a vital concern, but there are other labor and employment issues about which, the employers should be aware of. Technologies entering the workplace to collect data are creating compliance concerns. Wearable devices such as exoskeletons or virtual reality glasses raise workplace health and safety compliance issues that employers may want to consider.

While legal compliance is a requirement, the advance of AI and different technologies into the workplace presents equally significant employee relations difficulties. Employees are often apprehensive about what technological developments will determine for their jobs. In advance of the implementation of any latest technology in the workplace, attention to communication tacts, and the potential for retraining or up-skilling is also significant.

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